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AdCare dedicated to provide you a comfort zone in routine bedding. Here We have a different types of High quality Disposable Bedsheet according to different type of uses and the situations. AdCare"REGULAR", AdCare"PLUS", and AdCare"DELUX".


Adcare Disposable Bedsheet is a fair product for Bedding especially in Hospitals, Clinics, Labs and Medical Camps.


- Available Size in 6'ft x 2.5'ft

- Made From Hygienic and High Quality Non Woven Fabrics.

- soft, hygienic and affordable cost.

- Liquid repellent and Absorbency nature.


- Protect body from infection and allergic dust.

- Reducing Risk of Cross contamination.

- Protect bed from blood, stains and wetness.

- Harmless for human body as well as nature.

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Adcare Disposable Bedsheet is Most Suitable during the journey especially in Sleeper Bus/Train berth.Here is the Reason Why its Most Suitable Products during Travelling,


- "Anti slipping/ Anti skid" nature.

- Available in standard sleeper berth size 6'ft x 2.5'ft.

- Smooth, uninfected and Eco friendly.

- Use and throw.


- Handy at very minimal cost.

- comfortable even on Leather Berth also.

- Provide Protection to human body from Dust and allergy.

- Guarding against infection.

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Adcare Bedsheet is one of best alternate of Plastic mats which are used for protect bed from oils and other liquids in SPA TREATMENT, AYURVEDIC TREATMENT, AND BEAUTY SALOON.


- Absorbency and Liquid repellent quality.

- Obtainable at custom size.

- Biodegradable and recyclable.

- Anti dust/alleries/infections/contamination.


- Protecting against Stain.

- Warm and pleasent materilas.

- Maintain a cleanness of beds.

- Usable in all weather conditions.

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Best Companion for uses at Personal Beauty care, Saloons, Home and Offices etc


- Multipurpose Uses.

- Differenr sizes available.

- Assisting Infection Control.

- Light cost suitable for daily usage.

- Customize for personal implement.


- Reduce Risk of Cross Contamination

- Guarding against Stains

- Protection From Spills

- Easy to disposed off without much difficulty

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